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Blindfold Art Appreciation

Alistair and Leo’s  (Alistair’s Dad) have found another more familiar use for the shawl. They are doing something similar to the Child-led Blindfold Tour which began the first of these family sessions. Leo is now blindfolded and standing in front … Continue reading

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Three-legged Art Appreciation

Alistair (aged 5) and Leo (Alistair’s Dad) have taken the shawl from their Resource Box. They have tied their legs together as if they were doing a three-legged race. Leo is smiling. Alistair is giggling so much he is bent … Continue reading

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The Objects in the Box

The objects in the cloth bags were as follows: a magician’s wand plus a pair of white gloves plus a drawing showing a magican’s wand transforming the gallery in a flash a lead for an invisible dog plus the following … Continue reading

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Third and Final

During the first two family sessions we structured the time quite precisely. The families tried out a game or an activity in the gallery; then they returned to the Education Room and gave us some feedback. For the third and … Continue reading

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We’ve used dice at a number of the sessions, both with the classes from Spinney and with the family groups. These dice were used at the first family session. The instructions were to roll the dice, to take a number … Continue reading

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At the end of the second family session at Kettle’s Yard, the parents wrote some comments about the different activities. These responses are really useful in shaping our evolving idea of the gallery resource that we’re designing. Whilst the adults … Continue reading

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The Gallery Resource

The aim of Children Take the Lead is to make a resource which will be available in Kettle’s Yard for families to use. Hopefully this resource will help families to enjoy their visit. The question is, what form will this … Continue reading

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