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What people said about the PropsBox

Now that the first trials of the props box are behind us we are collecting the evaluation and the feedback. Here is a small selection of the comments we’ve had so far (and the images don’t necessarily relate to the … Continue reading

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Games inside the Props Box

The games we suggested were based on some of the games the children had invented during the school workshops. The blindfoldmask has two games. One of them is called blindfold tour. The rules of the blindfold tour were as follows: Someone wears the … Continue reading

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Trying out the Props Box

When you open the props box, you see six compartments, each with an object. Ontop of the object is a card with some suggested ways to use the object. For some families, it was not obvious what to do with … Continue reading

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Assembling The Props Box

This gallery contains 4 photos.

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