What people said about the PropsBox

Now that the first trials of the props box are behind us we are collecting the evaluation and the feedback.

Here is a small selection of the comments we’ve had so far (and the images don’t necessarily relate to the quotes). We will post more in the coming days once we have gathered them all.

‘I enjoyed the most being forced to focus on not too many things. Having to look at a few things in detail really makes you ‘see’. If I had come on my own I would have whizzed around and not really taken much in’.

Adrianna came with her 3 children (aged 6 to 11) and explained how it was different from visiting other museums or galleries: This was not the usual approach, not historical. It was lively, more fun and there was more stuff to do. You could do stuff. Having objects made it different. They created more interactions with the art and encouraged dialogue. It helped you communicate with the work and the artists. Normally you stand and look so feel separate and distant but this was like a bridging thing that helps you cross that line.

Marie (a mother who came with her baby and daughter) said: The Props Box was a nice way of introducing some joy into looking at art.

Mehrdad, who came with his toddler and 6 year old daughter commented: We noticed the sense of interesting confusion straightaway as we came in and saw the paintings and boxes. Questions instantly came up.   I’ve always liked coming here but it is great to come with children into such an atmosphere and to have the box to facilitate the process – we didn’t have to come up with ways to sustain their interest. We used the dice to explore and talk about every painting and in the process talked in detail. My daughter wanted to go round all of them and repeat it. It was such a strong tool. We shared really complex conversations.

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