Adults Playing with the Props Box at Firstsite Gallery


 The Props Box was invited along to an Early Arts session at Firstsite Gallery in Colchester, Essex on the 15th June 2012.

It was great to see it in action in yet another gallery setting. It was also the first time the Props Box was used by adults only. These were mostly artists, early years practitioners and gallery education facilitators.

Participants really took to playing in the gallery, mostly making up their own games- which is what we like to see!

The feedback was glowing with enthusiasm. The comments included: I was surprised that… ‘it was simple but different’

‘we created out own little world very    quickly’, ‘so many things happened communications wise’

People also told us what they’ll remember most from playing with the Props Box:


‘ lots of conversations, memories, familiar experiences, funny moments, connections.’ ,

‘being ‘allowed’ to use the space differently’. Some were reminded of ‘childhood pranks’ and others enjoyed the license to ‘not having to answer questions’ and being allowed to be ‘thinking rather than glancing’

Even the blue cord that binds the box together becomes a game as it often does with children….

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