Playing at Recollect

Currently  at Wysing Arts Centre is Recollect: A gallery exhibition exploring architecture, memory and experience. The families that turn up for our Play Wysing days are all intrigued to explore the show using the props. This time the props are in a bag which we designed to see  how it works instead of the box we tried out at Kettle’s Yard days.  We also made a map of the whole site, which is vast and as participants tell us ‘full of hidden treasures.’

Some of the children use the map to collect drawings of the different spaces, is empty circles that solicit their input. Lucy’s map is very detailed (see below). Many seem keen to take them home and carry on drawing there.

The props in the gallery offer a way into what could otherwise be, according to one mum a pretty difficult show to ‘get to grips with’. The children of course have no problem relating to the artworks, making up their own games and explaining  to the adults accompanying them what its all about- usually using the phono cups – one of the most popular of props!

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