The Imaginating Pod in Full Swing

As part of Play Wysing days- we also offer participants the ‘Imaginating Pod’- the  ‘art shed’ made of recycled wood that we have done up, re-labelled using one of the children’s invented names and equipped with big blackboard as well as reels and balls annotated with scores to play around the site.

The pod is a huge success and many people comment on it in their feedback saying they could have spent all day there, will bring a picnic next time and how lovely it is to have things that the children can touch and play with in physical way outside.

Much of the feedback we collect reminds us what an asset the outdoors are for Wysing. People love exploring the sites and some tell us the props are not necessary – the place is so rich in its own right, whilst others comment that good to have something to focus on. Some of the scores are more popular than others-  ‘Humming the Colours’ seems to be a success and is enjoyed by a family of teenagers too!



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