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Adults Playing with the Props Box at Firstsite Gallery

   The Props Box was invited along to an Early Arts session at Firstsite Gallery in Colchester, Essex on the 15th June 2012. It was great to see it in action in yet another gallery setting. It was also the … Continue reading

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Delightful Discoveries at Kettle’s Yard

Questioning and detailed looking are themes facilitated during Sunday’s family workshop by two props selected from the props box. The blindfoldmask and questions discs, each with one score, are given to families to explore the exhibition at Kettle’s Yard on … Continue reading

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Games Games Games

The day is sunny and full of anticipation, we begin with a view into the gallery where the show has almost finished being taken down. We ask the children how it feels, they reply “plain and boring, empty and cold, … Continue reading

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Apart from art do you use anything inside you?

The children arrive for the first session at Wysing Arts Centre on a very misty morning in March. They have never been before and the teachers tell us of alot of excitement in the bus. The first thing we do … Continue reading

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Trying out the Props Box

When you open the props box, you see six compartments, each with an object. Ontop of the object is a card with some suggested ways to use the object. For some families, it was not obvious what to do with … Continue reading

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Blindfold Art Appreciation

Alistair and Leo’s  (Alistair’s Dad) have found another more familiar use for the shawl. They are doing something similar to the Child-led Blindfold Tour which began the first of these family sessions. Leo is now blindfolded and standing in front … Continue reading

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We have had our first session in the house and gallery with families from the Spinney. There were 30 of us altogether. We were struck by how many of the boys have come back. Again we were able to have … Continue reading

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